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It's time, Retail Automotive Dealers are now embracing the fact that with a little effort Employment Web pages within a dealership Website can and will produce long-term cost-effective, positive results by encouraging qualified prospective employees to apply online when they begin a new job search..

These progressive and seasoned Auto Dealers realize a successful recruiting strategy requires more than a simple one-time costly weekend newspaper help-wanted advertisement or an expensive job board posting that quite often produces mediocre results. They have come to realize that when recruiting true talent it's all a matter of having the dealership name visible online as a recruiting dealer when a potential automotive professional decides that a career change being a lateral or horizontal move is necessary.

With all that being said, it’s time for us to take it to the next level by organizing and managing the 18,000+ new car dealership franchises entering this online recruitment market. is accomplishing this by developing its own simple Quality Content Scoring – Simple Point Value Algorithm which identifies Recruiting Automotive Dealers implementing online employment content and branding recruitment campaign strategies.

Simply put, the overall intent of the Simple Point Value assessment algorithm is to filter and find auto dealers putting forward a true effort to brand the dealership as a desirable place of employment. This value assessment system will recognize the efforts of smaller independent dealers with limited resources and not simply the large auto dealer groups. It’s ultimate goal and design intention is to level the online recruitment playing field based on internet recruiting efforts and not capitalization. This in-turn becomes mutually beneficial to the majority of auto dealers and the job seeking individual, since both small and large business organizations offer fulfilling, generous career opportunities.
Simple Point Value Algorithm (SPV)
Quality Content Scoring - How it Works

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Key Components of SPV – Simple Point Value Assessment

1 Type of Dealership Employment Page Utilized
2 Job Listing Content, Design and Social Interaction
3 Competitive Dealership Recruiting Ratio within State Boundaries

Quality Content Scoring Recognition Levels

1 25 points or better
Free Employment Web page listing on this unique niche job search site
2 35 points or better
Free Simply Featured Update Ad Unit on's home page
3 40 points or better
Free global Website listing on all individual state oriented Career Web pages
4 YouTube® Recruitment Video
Probable Free Recruitment Video insertion on the state page of business operations

Advertising Opportunities

SPV - Simple Point Value Key Components

No Employment Page – A dealership which has not recognized the value of an online employee recruitment Web page and the importance of including within its company branding strategy the message that it is a desirable place of employment. Simple Point Value = 0

Employment Applications Only – General dealership employment application Web page which has no job specific text content within it. Its sole purpose is to allow job seeking individuals interested in employment the opportunity to complete and submit a job application to the auto dealerships Human Resource department. Simple Point Value = 3

Job applications included within a Web page with job listing recruiting keyword content are considered a recruitment tool and will be classified at minimum as an Active Text Content Web page as describe below.

Active Text Content – Employment opportunity Web pages within a dealerships primary domain file structure which has been modified with job availability text content by the actual dealership looking to recruit personnel online or to provide online information pertaining to employment within the dealership such as employment requirements or available employment benefits. Simple Point Value = 6

Active Text Content Web pages have a tendency to list only a few potential job opportunities for one specific auto dealership location.

Employment Display Ad with Content – This classification is assigned when an auto dealership combines both a display ad (image) and active text content within its employment Web page. Thus utilizing both images and text to search engine optimize a Web page. Assessed Point Value = 9

Video Recruitment Ad – Employer Branding and Recruitment Videos located on YouTube or on a Third-Party Server are considered premium advertisements and have a Simple Point Value = 15

YouTube® Videos receive 10 addition points and the possible opportunity of a free of charge video insert within one of's employment Web pages. Third-Party Served Videos may receive a 5 point reduction if the video is found to be incompatible with mobile devices and are not eligible for the free of charge recruitment video insert within

Not Hiring – Employment Web pages that are accessible online but state there are currently no available positions. Employment Web pages including this content will not be listed or will be removed from our listing when a dealership notifies us or when our in-house system recognizes the content.

This eliminates unwanted and unwarranted dealership job applications. A dealer may notify us at anytime if employment opportunities become available for a job listing reassessment prior to our system locating the dealerships updated employment opportunity content. Simple Point Value = 2

Generic Ad – Career, Employment pages generically designed by the Website service provider without any dealership job specific keyword text or display content added to it. It may be a recruiting description text entry or a combined text and job application page. Simple Point Value = 4

Independent Jobsite Board – It is possible that a dealership Website directs all job applicants to an independent online recruitment job site service provider with its own dedicated Website domain address. These individual job sites are branded with the dealership corporate name and are used for convenience and functionality and are not a purchased advertisement on a third-party job board. Simple Point Value = 6

Corporate Recuiting Site - Employee recruitment websites frequently used by large dealer groups in which each individual retail outlet directs its career seeking job applicants to online. Corporate sites commonly have dedicated Website domain addresses which differ from the primary dealership URL Web address and have more than 5 independent dealerships using it. E.g. AutoNation, Sonic Automotive. Simple Point Value = 8

Third Party Jobsite Boards - Examples of job boards which fall within this category are HotLinkHR®, CareerBuilders®, Monster®, and Craigslist®. These are job boards that due warrant respect but provide little value too a dealerships employment in-house Web page online rankings. Their usage will be accessed on an individual basis and will be assigned a Simple Point Value ranging from 2 to 5 depending on the Job Board structure.

Jobsite Boards and Corporate Recruiting Sites

Please note that when using Job Boards or Corporate recruitment sites additional points can be accumulated by simply having a dealership orientated landing web page with active employment text content on it that a job seekers can read and review prior to being redirected to the jobsite.

Simply reversing the above statement, Website links or Framed Jobsite within the dealership Web site and without dealership active employment keyword text content will not be able to accumulate additional points. Example being a framed HotLinkHR® job application.
Job Listing Design, Content and Social Interaction

Job Description and Employee Benefits – Content and Keyword Intensity of Employment Opportunity listing on Employer Recruitment Web page.
Simple Point Value Range: Between 8 for Excellent Copy and -5 for Poor Ad Content

SEO Employment Page Design – Technique used to display internet page, Content or Framing and its ability to be viewed on a conventional Desktop or Mobile devices.
Simple Point Value Range: Between 8 for Excellent Design and -5 for Poor Page Design

Subjective Design Effort – All Employment Web page are reviewed by a physical being that can provide an objective employment page design review.
Simple Point Value Range: Between 8 for Thumbs Up and -5 Thumbs Down

Pop-up and ActiveX Web Page Relevancy – The relevancy of any internet programming strategies used to enhance or distract end-users from the actual employment page content.
Point Value Range: Between 6 Relevant Strategy and -5 Non-relevant and a distraction

Video Content – YouTube® or Third-party – Video content as mentioned in the Type of Employment Page Utilized section of the assessment process always receive an initial Simple Point Value of 15. But if found to be non-compatible with mobile devices may loss points and if the Recruitment Video Content is viewable on YouTube® may receive additional points.
Point Value Range: Between 10 YouTube® Content and -5 mobile device incompatible

Employment Compliance – It's important that as online recruiting evolves that internet employment recruitment standards are recognized and instituted. Dealerships that fail to include these standards, such as not including the EOE – Equal Opportunity Employer statement will eventually be considered as non-compliant.
Point Value Range: Between 5 Compliant and -20 for Non-Compliant Deceptive Advertising

Requested Listing – A requested approved free dealership listing that is not guaranteed by purchased employment ad credits will receive an additional 15 Simple Value Points

Social Followings and Usage – Dealership interaction with our Social Networks or its utilization of Social Networks in an employment positive manner.
Point Value Range: Between 5 Joined our Social Network and -3 No Social Networks Utilized

Jobsite Questionaire
Competitive Dealership Recruiting Ratio within State Boundaries

Due to the fact this Auto Dealership Job Site has absolutely no intention of become a link farm and intends on listing only the Best of Recruiting Premium Auto Dealerships, standard limits are set on how many dealership employment Website links may be listed for any given state. The standards are no less than 15 new car dealerships per state and no more than 5 percentage of the total number of auto dealers within any state boundaries.

These standards require an analysis of Auto Dealership Employment Web page activity within each state and this analysis provides several key ratios. The key ratios then calculate a Simple Point Value between 15 and -10 Points. A simpler explanation of the ratio is, the higher the percentage of Recruiting Auto Dealerships within a given state, the harder it gets to be listed as Recruiting Premium Auto Dealership.

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