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Recruiting the Best Employees – Employer Branding and Channel Marketing

When it comes to recruiting, there is usually no immediate gratification, it all about investing time, energy and company dollars into finding the best job candidate for an open dealership position. It then is a matter of time before that newly hired employee proves they are truly a great hire. At that time you’re able to say that you’ve created a successful recruitment campaign.

Our goal with this website is to help new car dealers expand their job candidate recruiting market reach by providing a reasonably priced internet recruitment channel which is designed to supplement a dealerships overall recruiting efforts.

The idea is Simple. Get listed or display dealer employment information on our website and when online career searching candidates are surfing the net, just maybe one of their job search options will be our website, allowing us to drive online traffic to your dealership job listings and career center.

How to get listed and what are the options

First, we’ve decided to use an Ad Placement Credit purchase system which allows a dealer to purchase and use the Advertisement Credits as seen fit without having to get multiple approvals to make changes to recruitment campaigns or request additional dealership funding every time a new job opportunity becomes available.

As for the Cost - Ad Placement Credits can be purchased for as little as $10 per ad unit and of course volume purchase discounts are available.

Second, you decide when and how you want to use the recruitment Ad Placement Credits as described below and when you’re out of credits, just decide if you would like to purchase more Ad Placement Credits now or later – Simple.

Ad campaigns with us are not CPC, CPI or CPM Advertising, simply fixed budgeting and pricing with no unexpected or outrageous charges.
Ways to Buy and Pay - Promote Your Website

Currently you may purchase Ad Placement Credits with PayPal or a Credit Card through our PayPal account. Upon us being notified of the payment you will receive a statement of credit and a monthly statement of credits available.

It is asked that you call us so that arrangements can be made for the placement of the Dealership Employment Ad Unit or Advertisement.

Foundation and Fundamentals of this Company

Honesty, Integrity and Respect for Dealership Branding Efforts
Justifiable pricing Structure that can be considered truly cost effective in the long-run
Provide a beneficial and straight-forward service for both recruiting dealers and job seeker
No exaggerated promises or wishful thinking with 100% refund guaranteed of unused credits
Advertising Opportunities
Promote Jobs Listed on Your Website
Recruiting the Best - Branding and Marketing

Jobsite Questionaire
Now Available !!Google AdSense Direct Ad Inventory Purchasing of all 728x90 or 375x325 Display or Text Ad Units that replace a current Google AdSense Ad on our website. AdSense Direct is a new way for you, as an advertiser to purchase advertsing space from a publisher such as us.

Read about the AdSense Direct Purchasing Process and then call us.  AdSense Direct Setup Process and Information
Ad Placement Specifications

First Come, First Served - Website Advertisement Placement Policy
Competitive Ad Limits - Only two Display or Text Ad Units allowed per State Employment Web page
Advertisement Restrictions - 15 dealers per state minimum, 10 % maximum of dealers within the state
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It's now time for you to invest in a recruiting strategy with high rewards before your competition does. Purchase those Employment Ad Placement Credits and create a recruitment campaign that attracts the best prospects by taking it to the next level. While enjoying our simplified process of making a one time purchase of Ad Placement Credits and using them any time you wish prior to expiration without having to get multiple approvals.

Profitable auto dealerships only grow in the long-run with talented people.
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